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Newlyweds kiss in Italy through protective masks at their wedding
A newly married couple wearing surgical masks shared a kiss to celebrate their special day in Naples - but there was no confetti nor crowds of cheering guests.

Instead, Diego Fernandes , 46 and Deni Salgado, 30, held their wedding ceremony today with only witnesses since public gatherings are banned as part of Italy's lockdown measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus disease.
Afterwards, they were seen stepping out onto an almost deserted street, watched on by a solitary dog walker. 
The Coiv-19 death toll in Italy has leapt by 627 in a single day, an increase of 18.4 percent, taking the total to 4,032 - by far the largest daily rise in absolute terms since the virus emerged a month ago.

Diego Fernandes , 46 and Deni Salgado, 30, were married in Naples today - but wore protective masks as they kissed as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic

There were no guests at the newlyweds' ceremony, only witnesses, as public gatherings are banned as part of Italy's lockdown measures to curb the spread of Covid-19

[b]The couple stepped out onto the almost deserted streets of Naples. Their celebration comes as Italy's health ministry today approved new measures to limit people's movements in an effort to contain the worst coronavirus outbreak in Europe. From Saturday, parks and public gardens will be shut down and people will be allowed to take exercise only around their homes
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