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Can I see my g/f if we're both vaccinated?
Dear Anyone.

OK, if this answer's been everywhere and I've missed it, that's me, just rub my nose in it! 

Me and my g/f are both disabled, differing disabilities.  I live in a Housing Association flat (gotta love the mice!) she lives in a group home. We're in different towns, about 30 miles apart (ish, maybe a bit less but not much.) 

So 2 questions.  Both our towns share the same postcode.  I know you're allowed to see one person in your local area.  Does her town count as local area as it shares the same postcode as mine, even though we're (ROUGHLY!) 30 miles apart? Second question - if we're both vaccinated, are we allowed to see eachother (we're neither of us vaccinated yet, just thinking ahead.) 

I know both the above questions seem to be cancelling eachother out, so basically if the answer to the first one is 'yes', the second one's irrelevant and sorta visa-versa.  I just want to know where I stand, as her group home's run by foreigners (I am NOT anti-foreigner at all) who forever seem to get rules garbled, I wonder if it's because their first language isn't English, so they're missing things in what they're reading.  Just to reiterate, I've got nothing against the staff per se, I just want to know where I stand.

Yup - I do miss her! 

Yours respectfully

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