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Early Covid-19 treatment is as important as the vaccine
When one Covid-19 infects a cell, it first injects its RNA genome into the cell, then RNA polymerase is being used to reproduce a complete set of its genome. Making use of the resources of the host cell, the virus is able to make all the necessary components to assemble a complete functional new virus. As long as the cellular resources are available, it will continue to make copies of its genome until resources become exhausted. By that time hundreds of thousand of new viruses will be produced from a single cell. The cell then busted and releases all these new virus to re-infect hundreds of thousands of neighboring cells. Just imagine after a few rounds of infections and re-infections, what is going to happen to the patient. Therefore, it is extremely important that we need to treat the virus infection as early as possible. 

In my honest opinion, early treatment strategy is as important as the development of a vaccine. Early stage treatment provides an opportunity to stop the virus before it spreads. Just common sense. Numerous cheap and readily available supplements and drugs are available to anyone (please see my other posts for details) for treatment of Covid-19. My major problem is that why Dr. Fauci, CDC, FDA, NIH, people on top of our health care system never talk about the importance of early treatment. The major news media also never discuss about this important topic, but news about the vaccines and the virus variant are everywhere. Early treatment is extremely important to prevent infection to continue, and to develop into a critical stage of serious complication. Treatment is available and no one needs to go to ICU, and no one need to die from the Covid-19.

CDC, FDA, and NIH recommend nothing for Covid-19 early treatment, they want you to sit at home, isolate yourself, and let the virus continue to spread throughout your body, your lung, heart, liver, the nervous system, and even your testicle. There are long term damages even if you survive. Something is seriously wrong about this officially no recommendation for early treatment. 
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Not sure how long it will take for everyone on earth to be able to receive the vaccine, Covid infection continue to spread, and death mounting. The triple-cocktail (Ivermectin+azithromycin+zinc) was introduced by an Australian doctor 7-8 months ago, the result was 100% effective. In the past 6-7 months, many countries have already used this treatment for treating their patients in many clinical trails, and have all shown to be extremely effective. Ivermectin has been shown to be effective in prevention, early treatment, and even later phase Covid-19 infection. This is a very cheap drug you need only 1 or 2 doses for the treatment. Everyone should have some ivermectin in the family medicine cabinet. It is the responsibility of the health care professionals to educate the people how to take care of Covid-19 early infection, and allow IVERMECTIN to be available as an over the counter medicine so that everyone can buy some. Misinformation about Covid-19 should be strictly prohibited. Knowingly spreading false information about Covid-19 and its treatments are crimes against humanity, this is a serious crime. 
Watch Dr. Reiner Fuellmich lawsuit on Crimes against humanity
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY (

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