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cases vs deaths
In the u.s. the official case count is about 10 million.  I think its about 50 million.  4 out of 5 people that get it have little to no symtoms. so you are probably not going to the doctors let alone the hospital. and in January and February how many people had it that did not even know what it was.    that being said we have had about 250,000 people die WITH covid  not FROM covid.  even the cdc said only 6% of the people have dies from covid. If I have a heart attack today but covid is in my system that counts as a covid death because covid caused my heart attack.   Its time more and more people speak out.  is it worse then the flu , yes, but its not the plague.    how many less people have died this year from the flue, cancer, heart disease , etc.  look at the total u.s. death count this year compared to other years, its not much different.
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