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New Zealand prepares for lockdown; Hong Kong to ban tourists
3:50 pm: Hong Kong to ban all tourists to contain the spread of the virus

Hong Kong will ban all tourists to the city from Wednesday in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus, leader Carrie Lam announced in a press conference Monday. 
The city’s chief executive also said people coming from Taiwan and Macao, including Hong Kong residents, would need to be quarantined.
As of Monday, there have been almost 340,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide, with 14,717 deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University. — Sam Meredith

1:45 pm: Australia, New Zealand move into lockdown mode

New Zealand said it’s moving to its highest alert level, and will put in place self-isolation measures, as well as require all non-essential services, schools and offices to shut over the next 48 hours. 
Lockdown measures took effect in neighboring Australia, while long queues formed outside offices of its main welfare agency to register for social security payments, as the economic impact of the crisis hit, according to a Reuters report. 
“There will be no more going to the pub after work, no more going to the gym in the morning, and no more sitting down for brunch at a cafe,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told parliament on Monday. He warned Australians they should prepare for lockdowns that could last six months.
Western Australia denied entry to the Swiss-owned MSC Magnifica cruise ship carrying more 1,700 passengers, of which 250 complained of respiratory symptoms, the report said. — [i]Weizhen Tan
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